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Life Lessons One Should Learn From Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai

Life Lessons One Should Learn From Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai



This man needs no presentation as we definitely know he is the CEO of a standout amongst the most prominent organizations. That is Sundar Pichai for you. Google is the best organization to work for and it’s a fantasy of everybody to have the tag of Google on our resume.

We have seen individuals in beat positions driving them to achievement in their particular space, Sundar Pichai’s case is not an extraordinary one. Being at the highest point of the pyramid of a multinational innovation organization is unquestionably a story worth experiencing. With an income of 74.54 billion USD, Google is in the race of taking the history-production title of being the initial trillion-dollar organization. All things considered, regardless of which organization goes too far initially, there’s something we can gain from the Google honcho’s life.

Individuals regularly ask how they can be as fruitful as these symbols. All things considered, here are a few pointers that we can take from Sundar Pichai.


How about we begin.


Individuals have a typical idea that individuals at the pinnacle of their profession take pride into their head at the same time, Sundar Pichai is a special case here. Weight watcher Bohn at The Verge noticed that his straightforwardness is reflected in his attitude, highlighting the point that everybody at Google simply adores him. From connecting with individuals on an individual note from making a special effort to supporting them, his partners and colleagues simply adore working with Pichai.


We can likewise observe the news of a 7-year old approaching Sundar Pichai for a vocation at Google and rather than simply overlooking it, the letter got the prompt consideration of Sundar Pichai and he answered with an empowering note. Is it safe to say that it isn’t astonishing that such a bustling individual took as much time as is needed out to react to a young lady?



Sundar Pichai trusts in keen working and being centered around your objectives. Determination is the thing that took him where he is today. To achieved the highest point of the pyramid you need to work truly hard and must be relentless in all your methodologies.

There is no mystery recipe for achievement, just sheer diligent work will take you there where you need to get. Sundar moved on from IIT Kharagpur in 1994 and joined Google in 2004. The catch is nothing can make you taste achievement overnight. In the middle of these long 10 years, he went up against some most difficult parts and ensured he conveyed spot on and was constant consistently and let his work says a lot of him.

Regardless of the possibility that you fall flat, wear it like a symbol of respect

That is the thing that he said while tending to the group of onlookers at Delhi college. Pichai is about going out on a limb, committing errors and gaining from them. This is the advanced age and one has unlimited conceivable outcomes and innumerable chances to begin one’s own particular entrepreneurial wander. In any case, what individuals neglect to understand that disappointments are a basic piece of your prosperity. On the off chance that you have not bombed, at that point it implies you haven’t gone for broke. He expressed “” One shouldn’t fear going for broke. Indeed, even disappointment is a piece of the procedure, it takes you forward”.


Clearness Of Thoughts


Being a noticeable web crawler, it doesn’t imply that Google has no opposition in the market. To be the best you need to go additional than the rest. At the point when Microsoft made Bing its default look, Pichai ventured in with creative ways to deal with hold clients and taken a shot at Google’s own program i.e Chrome and solidified its position in the inquiry piece of the overall industry also in the program diversion.

Still, on the off chance that you question his believability, at that point here are selections from the notice of Larry Page, gotten by The Wall Street Journal and it goes like this “As you age, notwithstanding when you’re as yet a young person like Google, you need to endeavor to remain inventive. Advancement is untidy, a troublesome procedure, and individuals have a tendency to be more open to doing what they’ve generally finished with a couple of minor changes” and that clarifies why Page given over the control to Pichai.


Planning for an impressive future

The excursion of a thousand miles starts with a solitary stride. Pichai accentuation on considering enormous issues and one ought to be goal-oriented in handling each issue and that is the thing that would lead you to worldwide organizations. One ought to be engaged and join quick basic leadership approaches.


Sundar Pichai represents that if a man is centered around one’s objective, at that point there is nothing that can stop the individual.

Sundar Pichai embodies that if a man is centered around one’s objective, at that point there is nothing that can prevent the individual from accomplishing every one of the objectives. He is a motivation for youthful era attempting to locate the correct way to achievement. He motivates every one of us and following his strides would launch our vocations.


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